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You say ‘Goats Head’ I say ‘Fuuuu! I have another freaking Rams Head in my foot’

Only, I don’t say it anymore.  It’s become a norm.  Like stepping on a nail in a doorway you never got around to fixing.

They pierce flip-flops, my dogs paw pads and bare feet in the house.

I pulled a few up tonight before they came to fruition, then got curious, as I usually do – and researched.

Here is the beautiful ground cover before:


So pretty …


see those yellow things?  Not flowers – but the spawn of evil flesh delving burrs.

BUT! They do have pretty yellow flowers to throw you off …


(The picture above is not mine, I ‘borrowed’ it from the interwebs – my ‘good’ camera is out of batteries.  All other photos are mine – except of course, ‘The More You Know’ logo)

I yanked all I could find, before they could dry out, disconnect and sink their horns into us.

Here’s one after …


Innocent enough eh?  Laying there – on my step, without a care in the world (except for the fact that I pulled it ruthlessly by its root from my dog trodden dirt.)

THEN I got curious.  What IS this plant.

And ARE you kidding me????

Check this out:

The name of the plant is Tribulus Terrestris.  And when those burrs harden, they become this:


You can see why they’re called ‘Rams heads’ or ‘Goats heads’ – although, nerd that I am, I see Yoda in the middle.

Bottom line is, I guess I’m stepping, quite painfully, on a gold mine?

I should harvest these horrors before they are no longer green and cash in on the attributes.

Although, considering I step on one at least once a day, I don’t think they’re in short supply.

Hey, the more you know.