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Selling the galaxy far, far away …

Read a great blog about the Star Wars purchase.  My first reaction to the news was much like Darth Vader’s “Noooooooooo!”  George Lucas sold out?!  My son’s reaction was excitement that there will be more movies.

My comment on the blog was “It’s like your dad suddenly adding something to a yard sale that you were never allowed to touch in the house while growing up”.

Star Wars was something (depending on your age) that was ours!  I know I got a little possessive over it. But I suppose that’s the point.  Disney says we now have to share.

I guess the new generation wins.  They’ll get to experience the thrill of sitting in the theater, getting goosebumps when the 20th Century Fox drums start to beat.  I just hope the fanfare isn’t the best part of the movie experience.

Wait!!  It’s Disney … does that mean no more Fox drums?!  :-O

Hopefully that’s part of Fox that Disney owns.