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Crushin’ on the Candy Saga

I have a new obsession.  Told you how flighty I am when it comes to games.  My BFF, like OMG, totally got me into Candy Crush on FB.


And to be honest, I’m only blogging about it right now because I’m waiting for a flipping life to restore so I can go back to playing the Candy crack Crush.

Bingo’s out the window.  I have Jelly beans and what-not to clear from the ever increasingly difficult boards. 

I made my son play the game so he could send me a ‘ticket’ to get to the next series. (You need 3 friends to send you them in order to keep movin’ on).  It’s times like these I’m the most grateful I have friends.  “God, thank you for my friends, especially the ones that send me lives and tickets for CCS.”

Had a rather intense session that sucked all 5 lives out of me earlier.  The trick is this – you don’t lose a life if you can get through the level – but fail … and die you will.  Then the little girl in the picture above actually cries! 

It’s heartbreaking!

So much pressure! 


That’s for making the little candy girl cry!

It has fun sound effects too – crunches and music and, and … when you make an invalid move, there’s a little snorting sound. ^_^

Adorable as all get out.

I told my friend Lisa about that sound when we were discussing the game (gawd, what have our conversations come to?) and she ever so cleverly, as I knew she would – responded with ‘Oh, does it?’.  Pffft.  She knows.  Oh yes, she knows.

Apparently she’s on Squatch level.  (Don’t you love that?  Whenever Nic and I are watching Finding Bigfoot we giggle whenever they say ‘Squatch’).  I’m apparently on some lemonade dragon thingy level. 

AND –  I do believe a life has been restored so it’s time to wrap this sweet post up.  And clearly, (and let’s face it, a little pathetically) due to the nature of this post, I’m obviously not referring to my life.








I become obsessed with certain Facebook games – give them lots of attention, hours of my precious (ha!) time and then – like a flighty harlot, I tire of them and move on.

I haven’t visited my Farm in a couple of years – my Cafe has been left to serve the hungry without me and my City … pffft … don’t get me started on that.  I ran out of room and then there were so many challenges!


Became quite the poker pro, achieving level 80 something … Excelled at Yacht! Farkle and Words with friends.

Then I found the Game Show Network app.  Oh yeeeeees.  I live 10 minutes, 15 tops, from a casino.  But I could sit home and play Wheel of Fortune for free?!?


Oh the thrill of free bonus spins!  ^_^  The glee of spinning the wheel!

That managed to tide me over for a couple of months.  Then they announced (drum roll please) drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ….


“Let’s play Bingo!” Says my beachy friend.  (My son commented that he was a little feminine – I countered with ‘beachy.’ Needless to say when my ‘beachy’ friend announces ‘bonus ball!’ my son cracks up from the couch).

I’ve never played Bingo in an actual Bingo setting.  But it’s SO addictive!  Can’t stop.

I played this morning and when 10 balls in a row rolled out that were not on my card (seriously, what ARE the odds of NOT having 10 numbers in a row?!?) I felt my nerves fray – WTF?

There is a pamphlet that anyone who lives near a casino or who has visited a casino (or, a casino ATM) has probably seen:

whenthe fun stops

I couldn’t help but think of that little pamphlet.  But it feels SO amazing when I get to mouse my little dauber over to a number I have!

My son is going to be spending the night out tonight – I’ll be alone with Facebook.  I’m not even going to pretend I can go a night without Bingo.

My beachy friend and I have plans.