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Don’t dream it’s over

I don’t consider myself an alarmist, but I have noticed the calendar a little more lately. 

December 21st is rapidly approaching and after the asteroid a couple of days ago I do have an eery underlying nervousness. 

Peeling back an advent calendar door seems a little morbid with that date looming.

I feel like we should have the day off or something, just in case.  I’d like to be home with Nic if it’s to be.

I googled yesterday and NASA assures us, they don’t cotton to the end of the world theory. 

I hope our time isn’t up. 

I love this place.  There is so much beauty in the world.  So much love. 

But if it is the end – I’ll brace myself and stare at it, whatever ‘it’ is, head on.

I’ll get ready to tell God ‘thank you’ for letting me come to the Earth for a while. 

Good thing I tell him every night, because none of us really know when our  own personal December 21st is coming.