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Thank You Veterans!


Yesterday was fun and games, but as my son and I entered one of the shops there was a veteran collecting for the VFW.  I put a dollar in his collection tin and he said ‘Thank you’.  “No,” I said, “Thank YOU for serving”.  

I took the beautiful poppy he handed to me and walked freely into that store to record the silly video pieces I have the freedom to distribute onto the internet.

I really am so very grateful to those who have, and to those who continue to serve their country. 

One of my favorite movies, well – it’s a mini-series actually, is ‘Band of Brothers’. I’ve watched it SO many times.  I never fail to tear up when the actual men are recounting parts of their story.  One of my favorite lines, and I’ll end it with this, is:

I treasure my remark to my grandson who asked, “Grandpa, were you a hero in the war?” Grandpa said, “No… but I served in a company of heroes”.