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Forgot my brain today

I mentioned more than once today that probably I should run home and get my brain, because I forgot it at home.

I mean, a brain isn’t exactly like a number two pencil or staple remover – you can’t just borrow one from a co-worker.

I couldn’t remember how to do the most rudimentary of things!  Does a VA loan have MI? Does it??  Gawd! I know this one!  Does the subsequent use factor apply when it’s an IRRRL? (Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan).  I’ve only been doing this line of work for 13 flipping years, I mean c’mon!


A loan officer asked me a question on another file and I gave him the panicked ‘are you kidding me?’ look and told him, ‘Hey … today is a one thing at a time day!  I’ll scratch ‘multi-tasker’ off my resume later”.

I muddled through.  Found some snack sized Almond Joy’s next door that helped me focus for a few scant moments. (Sure as hell remembered their jingle though didn’t I? I had “Almond Joys got nuts, Peter Paul Mounds don’t …” running repeatedly through my empty head).

Had several instances of staring blankly into space.  (OK, that’s normal if I’m being completely honest, but usually that’s because I’m thinking of something else. I assure you there was NOTHING going on up there today!)

Wasn’t feeling 100% well, so that might have something to do with it – but honestly, I was a little concerned I’d come home to find I had actually left my brain at home and the dog got at it.

Probably if the dog ate my brain it wouldn’t affect my posts much, but work does actually require I bring it intact, I’ll have a look around for it later.