Musings from the Laundromat: Frost and Familiar seating edition

You know you slept well when you barely have to make your bed in the morning.  (That sounds like a bit of a metaphor, peacefully resting doesn’t mess things up?)  I don’t know.  Reaching there – I am still super tired and puffy eyed, but here.

I gathered my items, got in the car and … frost!   The windshield had a light coating of it.  I took the time to look at the intricate webbing (?) um, snowflaking (?) there has to be a proper adjective for the way frost looks.  I’m not finding it.

It was looking like this:


Anyway – I got out of the car, scraped the ice off and then proceeded to do my first very blonde thing of 2015.  I turned my wipers on with the water to clear the rest.

Was still freezing outside.  Water + freezing = newly iced windshield and so back out I went to scrape.


I’m sipping what has to be the worst cup of coffee I’ve ever made, and eyeballing the coffee pot at the other end of the building.

I’m in my original spot.  Haven’t sat here in eons.  Feel like I should honor this momentous seating assignment and go ‘Old School’ with today’s musing.  But I’m getting old and can’t remember what those were like.

Having a view of the rainbow umbrella is jogging my memory a bit.


But not enough.  I’d have to go back and read one.

I believe they were light-hearted and funny.  I’ve got nothin’ in the funny department today yet – my eyes still haven’t completely opened.  I’m like an Ugg boot wearing, new-born cat or something.

I think I will venture to the coffee … hold on.


Still have powered ‘creamer’ on my little typing fingers, and as I sip the doctored coffee … yes, it is better.  Better than horrible still isn’t great, but it’s warm and has caffeine.  🙂

I just want to be home already.

I don’t know any of these patrons.  Feel like the new kid in school at a table by herself.  Shouldn’t I know everyone by now??  It seems like after 4 years, I would walk in and there would be a Cheers atmosphere.  “Norm!!!!”  (Because that’s what I would tell them my name was – in the interest of anonymity lol)   But other than a couple faces, the faces change every week. It’s odd.


Hurts a little to type.  Not because of the powdered creamer specks, but I’ve bitten my nails.  I hadn’t bitten my nails in almost 5 years.  2014 did a number on me – and it’s only the 6th and I haven’t made 2015 much better yet.

I did begin my little ‘make a friend smile’ project on Friday night … painted a little.  I just wasn’t in the mood.  Ended up bawling to a friend on the phone who made the mistake of asking me ‘why was today a sad day?’

Then nibbled my nails some more. Horrible.

But nothing some Oil of Primrose and Echinacea, chocolate and a healthy dose of gratitude and ‘get the fuck overyourself’ can’t help.


I think I’m approaching THAT time of my life.


I’ll not go further with that – let’s leave Sunday a little light and as I gaze at the rainbow umbrella – I’ll consider how to approach a couple of topics I want to chat with you about.

Another time.






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I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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  1. I posted some snow photos on my blog and on Facebook so you can see what real snow looks like… 😛

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