This is why there is a stigma …

This story is all over the news here in the U.S. today CLICK HERE

I was instantly disgusted.

I agree that it was stealing, pure and simple.

You KNOW your benefit amount – you KNOW you’re exceeding it!

Abandoned carts after the 'unlimited spending glitch' was resolved

Abandoned carts after the ‘unlimited spending glitch’ was resolved

I’ve shared that my son and I struggled just a few years ago.

I had an amazing job at a well-known bank and made California wages in Arizona.  That castle crumbled during the mortgage downfall … and in 2008 I was laid off.  The bank eventually closed – which was incredibly sad.  The founder lived locally and knowing him, and how hard he worked and how much he cared was heart breaking.

I had a nice severance that I used to try to keep my home – but it didn’t last long.  I ended up losing my beautiful home, selling most everything I owned to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.

I ended my 4 year marriage (for many reasons) made positive changes in my life and kept moving forward.  Time went on and I was at the end of my financial rope.  I did finally break down and apply for benefits.  Medical and food.  The basics.

I fought that decision – pride mostly.  But, also because even though our cupboards were bare, I knew I was able-bodied and that others had it far worse than I did.

Friend after friend lectured me that I had paid into the system and I had my son to think of before my pride.  They were right.  I started working when I was 14, and have contributed to the system that is there to help people like me when the sea gets rough.

I continued to look for work, applying for anything – only to be told I was over qualified.  And that food assistance was a life saver. Literally.  I kept my head above water – ‘how’ is hard to recall right now.  But I did.

When I did not only find a job, but a job in my field, it was a miracle in the market at the time.  And as SOON as I did get my current job, I reported it to the State.  My benefits ended, as they should have.

There were a few more months of struggle as I caught up on some bills that were behind, but catch up I did.

I was told that our health benefits would be stopped also – I made $39 per month too much.

That, I have to admit, was frustrating.  I thought the goal was to ‘assist’.  To help those who were helping themselves.

And by ‘helping themselves’ I don’t mean in a grabby, greedy, immoral way.

There’s already such a stigma to State benefits.  When a group of people abuses the system it just makes it worse for those who don’t.

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  1. I felt sick when I saw this report too.I saw it from the other perspective a few days ago though, when at the 99 cent store getting Halloween lights. I saw three people leave confused and sad because the system was down! I mean they were not abusing the system, they were shopping at the 99 cent store for food! I couldn’t believe that there was not a back up system in place, for just such a situation. they could have used those slider machines like in the old days for credit cards. I don’t know…this whole thing makes me sad.

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