Little laundry girl

There’s an adorable little girl at the laundromat.  She’s sleepy – lids are heavy, but she’s having fun finding laundry carts and pushing them like little shopping carts.   The mom is patient with her too.  When she dropped her french fries on the ground, she just picked them up.  Mom and Grandma are trying to fold 4 dryers worth of clothes.

Not much fun for the little one in adorable pink soft boots.

It makes me smile though, because she’s being a trooper, and her guardians are kind and keeping an eye on her.   Of course there are one or two patrons that have cut her the eye because God forbid, she pushed a cart in their path.

It makes me sad – and mad – when little ones are left unattended or yelled at in stores for, well, just being ‘little’.  An hour of grocery shopping, or waiting at a bank isn’t that thrilling for us, lets be honest.  Imagine sitting in a cart or being told to hush or stay still for that long.  Especially when their furtive imaginations and boundless energy longs to be free and to explore.

The one pat on the back I can give myself, is that I loved doing things with Nic when he was little, and put myself in his tiny shoes.

When he babbled in the shopping cart – I leaned into him, responding with things like “Really?  Then what happened?”  I found endless joy in his curiousity, his mischievious side and took great pains to remain calm when a trip had to be endured even though he was tired and cranky.

I’m looking at little laundry girl and thinking of Nic.  If he could just be small, for 24 hours,  I would love that.  I wouldn’t wish him little again – his life is in motion.  But, to hold him one more time – to pick up his spilled food that his tiny hands couldn’t hold on to, to chat with him in the grocery cart.  Oh yeah.  One day.  Just for 1 more day.


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I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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  1. Wow! What you just said…You know, about two years or so ago, I found the video of my Husband’s and myself’s (?) wedding reception video. Hadent looked at it since then. My son was 5 on the video, tiny shorts and suspenders..he spoke on the video, and THAT’S what did me in!! That little gravelly voice…I’d FORGOTTEN!! It was as if I had been transported back into time. I don’t have any videos, just that one, what a gift it was!! Forgive me if I’ve already told this story, it just seemed appropriate now.

    • It’s bonkers isn’t it? How tiny they were – their voices, their little faces. Ug. Love your story. Parents today have so many opportunities to record their little ones – “Back in my day …” lol. Well, not so much. I miss his voice. xxx

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