Freeze computer! This is the FBI!

Ok, so I may be in a whole lot of trouble come Monday morning.  Let’s laugh about it now shall we?

My place of employment is connected  to a real estate office, I  process loans for a mortgage company.  Exciting stuff eh?  Well – today was pretty exciting.

1.  It was FRIDAY! Woo!

2. They were prepping for an event to appreciate customers all day long.  It looked like they were setting up for a movie production outside.  Lights, tables, catering … all in full view of the 4 windows my desk faces.

Needless to say, it’s hard enough to concentrate on a Friday, but with all that hoopla going on it was near impossible.

BUT!  Concentrate I did.  I got my work done and at about 4:15 – my mouse may have wandered over to the search bar on the internet.

I’ve mentioned before, anything I don’t know – I have to know!  I watch ‘King of the Hill’ every night before bed – so I’m pondering, ‘who does Bobby’s voice?’  OH! Let’s Google that!

Found that out – and here’s where the chain of events took me that could lead to my demise at said company.

I’m looking at the cast of ‘King of the Hill’ and think, ‘how sad that Brittany Murphy died’ – then I remember my son saying that was the reason the show ended.  I’m thinking that’s  a myth, so – Oh! Let’s Google that!

It was a myth.

But now Google is taking me to her cause of death.

It’s only 4:20 by now.

I click further … sucked in.

Oh, now they want to tell me how Whitney Houston died and oh, there’s a site for that.

It takes me from that report to Michael Jackson and WHAM!

FEDERAL BUREAU INVESTIGATION comes up on my screen.  Huh?

Something something something … your computer is locked up because you were downloading video or pictures or violating laws and/or looking at child pornography.

Wait! WHAT?!?!  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I shut off the computer and restart – because the FBI notice could not be ‘X’d out.

BAM! It’s still there. My computer completely frozen.

I scurry over to my other bosses computer.  I Google the message.

Oh joy, it’s a virus.

A bad virus on my WORK computer.


I call my boss whose computer I’m on.  “Oh great, so you’re putting it on my computer now?” he says.

No, I assure him, but I am leaving. I leave my main boss a note with a print out of the virus mentioning probably we want to call the computer guy, and no – I wasn’t looking at anything the virus says I was.

Walk of shame out of the building – and come home to get ready to go BACK to work to attend the event.

My boss is looking beautiful, in a long black dress.  I say hello and did she get my note? No?  Oh – well, just a virus that’s all.

“It happens, sometimes when we open certain emails” she says.

Ok – we’ll go with that tonight – because come Monday, when I fess up – I won’t be ruining a party.

Here’s a shot of the party though. The food was good – and the dessert was great.

The friend I’m with in this picture and I joked it might be my goodbye party instead. Yes, I can still joke and laugh.

I’ll worry about the consequences on Monday. 😦


There have been people finding this post from the searching the internet looking for help with the same virus.  There are some great instructional videos on YouTube.  (You basically have to start your computer in safe mode w/networking.  Then run a virus scan and get rid of the virus.  Do a C Clean and reset your computer to the day before.  :/  Sorry).  As for my dilemma?  I don’t know how, but after running a scan, it came back saying ‘no viruses found’.  But was still there.  On Monday, I ran another safe mode scan and still nothing, my FBI virus disappeared!  Either that, or it’s lurking.  But, between the praying and the scans, it’s gone.  Do NOT pay the money – Do NOT panic.  Follow the instructions and you’ll be fine.

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I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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  1. joking and laughing is an awesome thing so do it again and again 🙂

  2. It was definitely your interest in Michael Jackson that revealed your criminal intent. Wooo Hooo.

    Found this video that tells how to get rid of it:

    Hope it helps.

    • I’m almost afraid to click on the link LOL! I’m ‘click shy’ now. Thanks though, I’ll brave up and do it later. 🙂

  3. Ricardo Recovery

    I ALWAYS use protection……………….. When I’m on the web or in the bed :P…………. Hey that rhymes……times…fines….dines…. No lines >>>>>> 🙂

  4. Ricardo Recovery

    Nice picture by the way……. 🙂 Wondering if you are that beautiful in person 😛

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