This is Nic,  (Also known as, Nicholas, Pickle, Pcow, pernicow, umcow, umba the cow, bird, be-bah and many more nic-names).

He used to circle pictures of toys he wanted in those colorful catalogs that arrived during the holidays.

This is Nic today.

Yesterday he circled features he’d like on his Senior Class Ring! :-O

The ‘Packet’ came home.

It’s announcement, cap, gown and class ring time.  WHERE did the time GO?

Of course, when a milestone like this arrives, it doesn’t saunter up casually whilst waving, it’s ninja like, and bonks you on the head out of nowhere with the reality that time HAS in fact flown by.   I happily look back – because MAN there are some GREAT memories.

Thought I would share some of them, thanks to something I’ve done ever since he started to speak.

I kept a book of funny things he said.

Some of these might just be oh so precious to me, and bore the hell out of you – but I’ll give it a whirl – here’s a sampling.

Words most wise and profound :

“You should cut your hair, but be careful – it grows back. Mine does EVERY TIME!”


“Necessary animals that we can’t touch are lions”


“I love waterfalls, they’re so romantic” (seeing roadside flooding going down a street)


“Here’s the new story of Jesus. The new Jesus was so strong that he scared the Romans with his thunder shock and they were scared off into the whole wide world!” (Nic’s response to my explanation of Easter)


(Giving me a time-out) “If you do it one more time you’re going in time out … and it’s not fun for kids.  You have to put your head down and you can’t get up – which Alex DID at the public library!”


(While wearing many necklaces)

Nic: I want to wear them ALL tomorrow.  I want to be cool!

Me: You know, cool doesn’t have to mean a lot

Nic: I want to be cool in my own way


Precious and Hilarious:

(While drying his ears after a bath)

“Don’t do it with the towel … get the cupids!”


“Can I have eat of that?”


(Trying to take a picture of him on a camel statue at the zoo – he dismounts)

Me: Where are you going?!

Nic: I’m getting on the lump!


(At the store)

“Let me down!  I’ll be good!  I’ll give you a hundred dollars – or six, or nine”


(Speaking of growing older)

“I’ll still want to hug you when my hands are bigger than yours”


“Look mom!” (with a laundry basket on his back)

“I’m a snail!  Poke my eye!” (I poke it – he retracts into the basket)

(I take the basket) “Now I’m a slug”


(describing his ‘share’ day at school – he took a remote control truck)

“They was crazy over it! They was shovey!!”


(interacting with his Lego knights without knowing I could hear)

“I’ll get you someday!! Maybe even tomorrow!”


Me: Does your face itch?

Nic: No, but sometimes it makes my finger come.


Me: Nicholas, make yourself useful –

Nic: OK, I’m a hairdryer


(Nic responding to me doing a silly voice to our dog, Morty)

“I like when you say those words.  It makes my heart beat faster, even wider”


(asking for Sponge Bob cereal at bedtime)

“What? I just want a sample of nautical nonsense”.


Me: If you could only have one meal a day, what would it be?

Nic: Can I have more than one thing on my plate?

Me: Of course

Nic: Ok, um …. mashed potatoes, salad and steak

Me: I meant breakfast, lunch or dinner!


“Yeah you’re right – you surprise me sometimes” (responding to my insistence that he did need to go potty)


And – my favorite Christmas time one –

“All my life I never saw a figgy pudding


Hope you enjoyed this little assortment. I enjoyed looking back – good thing I have these memories because he may not be speaking much to me after he sees this post 😉

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I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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  1. Hahahaha I remember when he said “it makes my finger come” and I remember that pic.of.the.drool on his face. That was his 2nd bday, right? I cant believe he is graduating highschool already 🙂

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