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Flirty Thursday

Random Thursday night musing/update:

So, I think I was flirted with a couple of times today.

Although, my interpretations of other people’s actions is SO off who knows?

We had a very dapper man come into work late in the day.  Fedora – great socks, great shoes, great vibe.

I scribbled on a note to one of the owners “I bet he’s a musician!”

THEN, I heard him tell another owner that he was, in fact, a musician. Jazz.

You know me – I can’t edit.

Before he left:

“I KNEW you were a musician.”

Him: How?

Me: You have that aura – that vibe.

Him: (slight wink) yeah …  I think I’ll see you around.

Is that flirting??? I just don’t know anymore.

THEN, I drive through McDonalds (insert dry heaving sounds here) but, Nic has been sick (high fever) and was requesting Sprite and McD’s UG!

I had 6!  SIX cars in front of me – just wanted to be home, but lined up.

When I got to the ‘pay’ window – a young man (after I smiled and handed over cash) proceeded to tell me when he was off and that he was moving into his own place that night.

He also shared he was 20. (Turns out, he went to school with Nic, lol)

So – am I reading too much into these things?   Or is this new smile just bringing the boys/men to the yard w/out milkshakes?


Regardless – not interested.

As a co-worker once said – “If you were turned inside out and scraped, there’s not a part of you ready for a relationship.”

And she was right then – and right now.

But DO love my smile!!!!! 🙂