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Musings from the couch – not the laundromat

Grackles were clicking on my roof again.  I contemplated grabbing my good camera and balancing myself somehow on  something and capturing what was sure to be a future National Geographic shot – but I know me.  And I know my balance, or lack thereof.

I did brave the great height of my patio wicker chair and lifted my ipad above my head only to succeed in startling the clacking grackle and getting this not National Geographic worthy shot of the roof.


Turns out it was only one grackle – here he is on the telephone pole after he  left the photo op.


Clearly he has  balance and no fear of heights.  Little show off.

If I hear a toe (are they toes?) … if I hear a talon/claw/avian phalange back on the roof, I’ll try again.

So I’m not at the laundromat.


Because I opened my pretty wallet and it is empty.

It is very  pretty though.  I get compliments all the time.  What a shallow wallet it is.  All beauty on the outside and no substance on the inside.

That’s ok, we can have a new experience and muse from the laundromat on a Monday night.  That should be exciting!  Who knows what goes on in there on a Monday night!?  We don’t!  But we will!

Butters is feeling better – thank goodness.  And I’m on a mission to find my ‘happy’.  It fell off.  Then my blog turned to crap.

But after my early morning wicker chair stunt, I’m feeling capable of anything.  I WILL find my happy and hit my stride again.