Live Walking Dead goes Viral

But we knew it was already infected.  Right?

Fellow blogger, Screen Writer and friend, Austin Hodgens has graciously agreed to an interview after his post The Walking Dead To Film Live Episode In Maine was taken a tad too literally. 

I was instantly amused after Austin pondered on Facebook what the heck happened while he was at work Monday.  As hits in the tens of thousands continued to climb on his blog, I responded with helpful comments like ‘LMAO!’ ‘WTH?’ and ‘You realize you have more hits than the Obama Care website?’   (I can always be counted on to be helpful in times of confusion.)

My first request was for any Walking Dead action figures that might come his way due to internet infamy (Hey, they’re on my Christmas wish list okay!) 

Then I remembered I did interviews.

Sorry Dead fans – Walking Dead is not to be Live, nor filmed in Maine.

Austin’s brainchild, (brains – I had to get that in there) is: The Return of the Modern Philosopher and contains a LOT of very cleverly written satire. 


The House on the Hill is home to an extremely creative native New Yorker who moved to Maine and has conjured up some very interesting neighbors.  Among them, Zombies, Witches, Gargoyles, and Vampires (Oh my!) … none of which seem to mind his Toga.

It was only a matter of time until this avid jogger added the official Walkers to his blog.  And no, it was not an intentional ‘hoax’ just a sampling of his imaginative writing.

I should mention – I like to conduct my interviews in a more organic way – via Instant Message.  With follow up questions and a back and forth flow.  Tonight was bonkers.  Austin and I tried, and failed, multiple times to chat on Facebook. 

I am convinced – the debacle that ensued was due to a Zombie Curse!  But, because the show must go on – here are the questions I wanted to ask that he still graciously answered via email.


Me:  An environment where Norman Reedus would have to wear sleeves?  It doesn’t make sense.  How could people believe that?

Austin: A world swarming with Walkers doesn’t make sense, either, but the living learn to adapt.  With that in mind, I think Daryl would spend the episode in a full length mink coat.  He’d look like a totally bad ass pimp.

Me: Live zombies + lights, camera and action – could the Maine Zombie Census Bureau Agents have handled such a large herd?

Austin: As you know, the Maine Census Bureau Agents really just track the herds, keep population counts, and try to force the Zombies into certain parts of Maine, far away from the public.  However, the Maine Zombie Hunters, also government employees, would be there to keep the Walkers under control.  They can handle anything.  Best bureaucrats in the business!

Me: Andrew Lincoln is a consummate professional.  Do you really think he’d be so excited as to slip into his native accent?  Maybe he could have pulled a ‘Love Actually’ card reading instead!

Austin: That’s the thrill of live television, Amanda, we never know what is going to happen.  Lincoln is the consummate professional, but we don’t know how he’s going to react to live Zombies coming at him.  Is he really that good of a shot?  Englishmen are used to Werewolves in London, but are they prepared for Zombies in Maine???

Me: Why do you think there are no naked zombies?  Surely someone had to have been bitten in the shower …

Austin: Naked Zombies?  My question to you is: Why aren’t there Zombies in togas?  Nothing is more comfy than a toga.  If Zombies could form a Deep Thought, I would recommend they ponder on that.  And why would you want to see a naked Zombie?  Is that some form a zany British humor???

Me: Do you think Jeff Probst would be miffed if he knew the Survivor Maine post was outdone? (Or would that be ‘outplayed’)

Austin: Have to say this for Jeff Probst: he did address the Survivor: Maine rumors on Twitter and retweet my post, so he’s okay in my book.  No word from The Walking Dead staff yet.  My gut says Jeff would be upset to be outdone, and would start up rumors again just so that post got more hits.  Of course, this gives me an idea for a future blog post… Survivor Maine: Humans vs Zombies!!!

Me: Maggie, you – who gets the third chair on the porch?

Austin:  Bonus points for mentioning one of the most popular regular features on the blog.  I’d conjure up a special episode for Maggie.  One Chair on a Porch and she sits on my lap.

Me: Now you’ve stirred up the Walking Dead fans, do you have a Breaking Bad come back post planned?

Austin: I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I stopped watching Breaking Bad during the second season.  Does that make me a bad person?  I thought writing satirical posts that get strangers in an uproar was what made me a bad person.  The Devil is sitting right here next to me, and he says I’m going to be spending eternity with him because I’ve riled up too many people on the internet!

Can I just add that I really hate that the local paper referred to this as a hoax.  It was a typical post on my comedy blog, I write about Zombies in Maine all the time, and it was clear that the article could not be true.  I hate that some people got so upset by it, but it’s humor, people.  Don’t get mad at me because my imagination took you a place you wanted to go.  I was just trying to make my readers laugh and attract some new fans.

I’m glad people read the post, and most happy that my biggest fan is incredibly proud of me…


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  1. Thank you for wanting to interview me for your blog. I’ve gotten some grief over that Walking Dead post, so it’s nice to know some people got the joke and realized it was just a typical post on my blog. What’s the deal with that ugly naked thing at the top of your page???

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    Yikes…watch out for them thar zombies, they gonna wanna eats your brains! LOL

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