The littlest thing …

I sit outside at night, enjoying the quiet night, fresh air and the stars.  Tonight was no exception, but by my foot – about as small as this series of hyphens ________ was the littlest thing.

I have no clue what it will grow up to be.  But once it caught my attention, I had to capture a tiny portion of its journey.

Here it is making its way to the right.

Is it sensing an obstacle?

Prepping for the big event.

Not a problem – stretching itself over the ‘canyon’.

And a brief look back from under the plank.


The littlest things are programmed to keep going, to push forward – to overcome obstacles. Inspired by this little guy who came out at night, amongst the predators – to inch forward to its destiny.

Thanks for being by my foot 🙂

About debaucherysoup

I've traveled 4 continents, affording me experiences and adventures to last a lifetime. Most important was the exposure to other cultures, beliefs and lifestyles. I'm also mom to one of the most amazing human beings I know.

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  1. yeah its so sweet 🙂 also it has a lesson for us. Nights at home? Get busy living or get busy dying. Why you dont hunt men 😉 ?

    • Nights at home – well, yeah! I have to work in the morning and my son has school. I do live actually Nafees lol. I don’t know where you got this idea I don’t have a life.

      • lol no I dont mean that. You’ve an awesome life I know but it can be more pleasant and joyful 🙂

      • I don’t need a man for that lol! I’m not a young girl in her 20’s anymore. My joy comes from what I have right now. I’m a mom – 2 jobs, a goofy dog and friends like you. I love my life. And there will be a new chapter to it when my son ventures out to begin his story 🙂

      • aw thank you very much for adding me in your life, Yeah thats really great honor for me 🙂 yeah you’ve an awesome but thats what I was talking, a male friend with whom you could share what you cant with your son and colleagues. Every person has a value, its natural that we all need partners, not just for sex but completion of life .

      • I have male friends. They just don’t take my garbage out, fix my car or lift heavy stuff around the house. LOL! One day Nafees. Do you think perhaps this is a culture difference? I wonder …
        because I don’t ever want to ‘need’ a partner. I’d like to ‘want’ a partner. Share my life with someone who compliments it, not completes it. My personal opinion is that you should come to someone whole, and with a healthy, happy, complete soul. This would make a great discussion! You should guest blog on my page! We can debate this. 😉 Peace and love my friend. ❤

      • aw thanks a lot for replying with details 🙂 that means you’ve a value for me, am not just someone for you 😉 seriously thanks, yeah I agree with you but thats not a culture difference, am talking about universal truth. You dont wanna trust others easily but surely you want someone not to complete you but to touch your soul, to understand you to get your love is waiting for its right person 😉

      • I trust too quickly lol. Of course I want someone like that … but I’m not going to force it. When the time is right, God will put that person in my path. In the meantime, I am focusing on enjoying every minute of my life as it is. 🙂 You’re very wise … you seem too young to be so wise 😉

      • thats awesome and bad too because people we trust hurt us most of times. God guides us and we’ve to do what we want to. Aw thank you very much for considering me wise because I feel myself a big dork but yeah I talk like older people 🙂 and by the way you’re very young 😉 I know that

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    Inch Worm…….

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