Musings from the Laundromat: Facebook Food

I could have sworn Monday was the 30th – so when I spotted gummy eyeballs in a store I had to have them.  (This  is going somewhere.)  I figured I would  put my little pumpkin/ghost bowl out a few days early in anticipation of October.  I love October!  By Halloween we desert residents find  the need for a light cardigan at night and sometimes even long pants!   My favorite Seasons in the  desert are Autumn and Winter.

So out came the bowl -



Dark, I know – but he likes it that way.   We all know I have a fondness for gummy eyeballs – I’m reminded of this photo – can’t recall the post.


It wasn’t until Saturday that I realized I was ahead of myself by more than a few days … as my son pointed out ‘Now our house is like Wal-Mart’ – Not true! ! I have no Christmas decorations up yet!

Funny thing is,  I awoke to being tagged in this photo on my Facebook account by a friend – they know me – they really do.


Saturday was also Facebook food day.

Ever see a recipe someone posts on their wall and think – ‘hmmm, that looks good, I should try that’ and then never do?  Yeah, me too.

Saturday however, I made these.


I actually pulled it off!  If you’re one of those people that makes a hot meal in the morning for your family (i am not one of those people) then I’m giving this two thumbs up and recommending you try it.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees – pop a slice of ham in a muffin pan – crack an egg right into the ‘ham cup’ add whatever tidbits please you – I just used red onion, sharp cheddar, salt and pepper.  then cook for 15 minutes.  Ta-da!

I was dubious about how the egg would end up being cooked, so I scrambled a couple.  I prefered the whole egg ones.  I’d describe them as over medium.  SO good.

Then it was off to my moms for lunch.  She had lured me in with promises of hors d’oeuvres, smoked salmon and goat cheese salad AND dessert.  Not much gets me out of the house on a Saturday – but seeing my mom, eating and getting to watch a movie she recorded and said was hilarious had me heading out the door.

The salad was … EXQUISITE!  Everything complimented everything else on the plate, it was hard not to get a perfect bite on every forkful.


Then dessert.

Heres another Facebook recipe that had shown up.  Turned out to be a lovely memory for my mom and I, as she would make baked apples when I was little.

Also, it was fun playing with the little pastry cage.  She put hers on her  dog’s head and I imitated Hannibal Lecter by putting mine over my mouth.  Yes, playing with your food is acceptable.


I was stuffed.


Oh and the movie?  ‘Big Ass Spider’  which WAS hilarious thanks to Jose the Security guy and the protagonist the Bug guy.

Mostly because of Jose.  He delivered lines that literally had me laughing out loud for all the right reasons – considering it was a SyFy movie.  You know what I mean – Sharknado is fun to watch, but none of us watched it for the acting.

The scene in the morgue had me in stitches – no pun intended.


So make a Facebook food – watch Big Ass Spider and put out your Halloween knick knacks if you want to!  Life is short!  In the meantime, I’m working on a controversial piece that is requiring lots of research – so the musings will be a little more serious next weekend.

‘Til then!


“I’m Bear Grylls Bitch!” – or – ‘The night the pipe burst’

It already sucks getting older and not sleeping through the night … if I’m not having to get up to pee – I’m having to let my manatee outside or just randomly waking up for no apparent reason at all.

Friday morning began beautifully.  There was weekend excitement, a clear sky – and the scent of rain in the air!

I posted this.  (Of course, because if I’m not photographing the mundane, I’m typing about it)



Well, it hasn’t rained yet – but I did get my share of water that night.

I was tired – turned off the TV about 9:30 pm and awoke an hour later.

Let the dog out, shuffled to the bathroom – went to flush – no flush.  Took the top off of the tank and wiggled the little part you wiggle to fill the tank with water and then shuffled off to let the dog back in.

There was a strange sound … a very loud sound in the darkness.

I wondered if someone had their automatic sprinkler system set for 10:30 – odd.

Went back in the house and heard more loud noises – coming from my bedroom and bathroom.

Coming up from behind my toilet was water.  A lot of water.  I grabbed the closest towel, which happened to be a Pokemon towel from my sons past.  Pikachu (an electric type Pokemon) dangerously thrown to the watery ground.

Now I’m fully awake.  And after throwing flip-flops on I grabbed in the dark for a flashlight.  (Note to self: Buy a flashlight)

I did come up with a small miners light – which I refused to wear on my head, so I carried it outside.

The corner of my house was leaking.  When I say leaking, I mean, a mad rush of pressurized water was pouring out from under it – and down the siding from underneath my bathroom/bedroom area.

Now I’m no helpless maiden – I knew I had to turn the water off.  There was a pipe with a lever right next to the flood … I put it in the ‘off’ position.  Nothing.  I trekked over to another set of pipes and flipped that to the ‘off’ position.  Water subsided then stopped.

I learned the next day from the plumber that my first attempt turned the gas off.  Good to know, good to know …

They look-alike to me!



I went inside and called my landlady’s cell phone – letting her know what happened.  She said she would call a plumber.

Now – at 10:30 at night, I’m normally not in the market for water.  But isn’t it odd when you suddenly don’t have something you take for granted, you suddenly MUST have it.

I wanted to brush my teeth before going back to sleep. (I’m pretty obsessive about brushing my teeth – I go a little overboard)

I was relieved to find a small bottle in the fridge.

This was to be my ration – and I sparingly used some to brush my teeth and wash my hands.

Morning came and I had a little bottled water bird bath and then posted this:


That’s how I felt.

Situation dire.  I had planned to clean like crazy – and here I was – merely surviving on my precious depleting bottle of water.

The plumber came pretty early.

He took a look in my bathroom – then outside – then advised me it was an easy fix.  The tube thingy connecting the toilet to the pipe under the house had broken off.

Fun part was getting to be the one turning the water back on when he was laying on his back with his legs sticking out under the house.

“Okay!  You can turn it off now!”  I didn’t dally – I’m not sadistic.  But it was satisfying that someone could see that I was not exaggerating about the amount of water that blasted out the night before.

He was soaked.

It seriously had sounded like someone was power washing the outside of the house – THAT loud.

Here’s the damage it did, after the brief time it was on when he was underneath:


The floor of the bathroom was a little paddling pool – under the house was dripping, and the strength of the spray had dislodged insulation and whatever that mesh stuff is.

Water back on, plumber thanked – I went about my normal routine.

And now – should I have a gas leak, I’ll know just where to turn that off.  Although, once it’s off and I’m without gas, I’ll probably suddenly want to bake something.




Musings from the Laundromat: Pigeon edition



I do!  I do!  Before the new company opened, one of the owners and I shared a sparse room with quite a view – it was our temporary space to transition and get the new venture up and running.

It had a huge window,  and outside, was a nest.

The owner of the building had gone to great lengths to install pigeon spikes.  A deterrent that did not deter what first was a roadrunner, who had no success breeding up there – to a pigeon who did.

I watched that little guy grow a little more each day until he was practicing ‘flapping’ on the edge of the column and then one day he had left the nest

Why don’t you see them?  Because they don’t leave the nest until they’re full-grown!  The mom was still feeding her squab when he looked bigger than her – although, he still had a little tuft of yellow baby hair on his head.

Here’s a picture I didn’t take of a baby pigeon:



Fast forward.

Okay,  so we’re in our new digs now – and everything is up and running.  The suite we vacated next door was being cleaned and prepped for new leasing.  I caught wind of the fact that the complex owners right hand man had orders to demolish the nest.

I managed to snag him for a quick chat.  “What if there is a baby up there?  She’s sitting on something again!”  The answer was distressing – it would be, um, ended.

Now, considering I took and shared those photos of the roadrunner feasting on a small bird not so many posts ago, you might think it strange that I was so bothered by this news.

That bird had no chance, already caught and nature was in session.

Deliberately climbing a ladder to kill a bird is another story  altogether.

I pleaded to no avail.

A week later I saw this and my heart sunk:


My assumption was that they dislodged the egg.  Although, it was empty.  Which,  i didn’t notice at the time.

Another week and I see a ladder by the column.  A cleaning lady was outside – I ventured out to inspect the nest.

A baby!  The egg must have been discarded by the bird, not the right hand man.

I vented in the office – until someone came outside with me to plead my case once more.

She mentioned moving it – not killing it – but you can’t do that.  It takes the mother pigeon quite a while to recognize her baby by anything other than where she last left it.  This is true.  Move it, she won’t smell it or hear it – she’ll just think ‘where the hell did it go?  I know I left it here!’

I promised to clean the pavement until the baby could leave the nest – then remove the branches.

She was all for it – I  just hope the right hand man agrees.


Musings from the Laundromat: The Parenting Paradigm edition

I’ve figured it out.

The parenting paradigm.  This progression of unconditional love and support to ‘If he leaves a dirty dish in the sink one more time, I shall end him’.

I’ll preface all of this with, if my son needed me to die today in order to live – I would not ask a question except “Where do I have to go for this to happen?”

If he needed a body part and I had to saw if off myself – okay … probably that would be hard to do – but I’d let people hold me down and do it without any anesthesia.

My son is my most favorite person – my raison d’être.

Then he got older.  And more capable.  And more independent.

Which is great!  But as I strained to lug two laundry bags inside today, and realized that 3/4 of it was his – and that he is not even here … well.


Know how we panic then experience such emotion when an animal is killed in a movie, but not so much a human?

Yes you do.

I’ve figured it all out.

Once someone is capable of taking care of themselves but won’t – then it’s on them.

A small child – innocent animal – they can’t do it.  They depend on us.  Count on us.  Love us with pure abandon.

Which, is why I broke down and cleaned out Nic’s hamster last night.  Poor thing.

I remember how he begged to have her for his birthday – we stood in the pet store, his 19-year-old hands sweaty with birthday money and he pledged that THIS animal would be different.  After all, he was a MAN now.

When I returned home from work Friday, he had left for the weekend – and little remnants of his visit were everywhere.  Curiously, none of them cedar chips – which invariably end up on the kitchen floor during a cage cleaning.

Our current situation is this – he works Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday in a neighboring State.  Then he comes home Monday night and goes to our local college Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. I think.  There may be one more day in there.  Anyway, he stays with my mom while he’s working.  The excuse was ‘to save gas’ although, I think that was the beginning of another necessary paradigm shift – the spreading wings part.

It’s working out for me.  I get the weekends alone and still get to see him during the week in-between video games/calls to his girlfriend and Skypes.  So basically when he’s hungry and rooting around in the kitchen, or bored because he’s had his fill of online entertainment.  It’s working out for my mom for sure – she get’s grandma time.  And it’s working out for Nic.  So it’s win-win-win really.

But before he left this time, I asked him to please clean his hamster and before he came home this time, I had asked him to please keep the house as clean as it was.

Neither happened.

So Friday night after telling him I was confused and was he coming home that night?  Due to the fact that his TV was on, hamster wasn’t done, trash was overflowing and dishes were on the counter.  (And I wasn’t being sarcastic) this chat happened.

it  started with me telling him I would clean out the hamster this weekend.   Yeah  I know,  pushover.  But  remember, we are pulled to caring for the defenseless.



Back to the Parenting Paradigm.

So the more the young is capable of doing, and the older the young get – the more it feels like you’ve got a non-paying roommate that does nothing to contribute to the house and yet enjoys all the benefits of living there.

Nature knows what it’s doing.  Because we were all like that to some degree and I’m certain its on purpose.  So that when the time comes for the young to leave the nest – us parents willing to saw body parts off won’t be so devastated.

I enjoy my quiet weekends.  But  I’m not ready for silent weeknights just yet.

I cleaned out the hamster last night by the way …  after I gave Butters a bath and cleaned the house – because none of those things were capable of doing themselves.

And the laundry hasn’t learned to fold itself yet – so I’m headed to the dryers and hoping you all had a wonderful weekend.



Nature vs Aperture

Meep Meep!

roadrunner cartoon

I’ve been taking my camera with me to work lately to avoid that ‘Arg! I wish I had my camera!’ moment at all times.

I’m STILL kicking myself about the vultures I missed shooting with a decent lens months and months ago.

It paid off.

We have a few roadrunners that visit our office daily.  It started out innocently – and let me say, trying to get a good/non-blurry shot of an antsy bird is not the easiest thing to do.  I share now some unedited shots of one of our visitors.




The Murder

As you can see, we gave it (and a roadrunner friend who I didn’t capture) offerings of cheese.  Which, they ate – but I guess one was still hungry.

I heard a thump a while later, and turned to see a small bird hitting the glass door while one of our visitors deftly snatched it out of the air.

I jumped up and grabbed my camera and prayed for a National Geographic moment.

I’ll warn you now – if you’re tender-hearted when it comes to creatures, (which I am, but was fascinated for some reason behind the camera watching nature at work) then don’t keep scrolling.





It all happened so fast – there wasn’t much of a struggle, and after reviewing the shot I got of its talons above, you can see why that might be.

I went out later to see what was left – nothing.   Nothing but a few feathers.  That gave me some measure of comfort … that none of the prey was wasted.


roadrunner cartoon2


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