Holiday treats & comfort carrots?

The thing about holiday time … fun things show up!

I sent a very serious email to my bosses simply stating:

“if you show up and I’m hiccupping and covered in chocolate … it’s because I was unattended with the attached.


A spiral ham came too – but that was addressed to me … the tower of treats and fun colored mixed drinks is for the office.


Then I got to thinking about how this is the last Christmas my son will be a teenager!  And now I really want into that chocolate – and am wishing the ham would defrost, cook and plate itself with a pile of mashed potatoes and some sort of comforting vegetable.

What IS a comforting vegetable??

Not these guys for sure …

mean carrots

Aw … here’s one:

carrot hug

I could use a hug.  I’ll see if I spot any produce reaching out to me with little huggy arms at the grocery store.



Dixon dreams, plastic cheese & rogue gifts

Dreamed of Daryl Dixon last night.  This pleased me.


Butters and I went to bed early – I was so tired yesterday I didn’t go grocery shopping AGAIN!

I started to make my lunch this morning, pulled two slices of bread out of the fridge, laid them on a paper towel, headed back to the fridge for some fillings only to discover, there were none.

Butters looked very disappointed, so she got a piece of Kraft cheese (the plastic wrapped kind, that will NEVER find itself anywhere near a sandwich of mine unless it’s grilled.)

cheese slice

So I’m sat without lunch and wondering if I’ll find the energy to go to the shop tonight. I mean, I HAVE to – but it’s so lovely and chilly out, all I want to do is drive straight home and put my comfy clothes on and snuggle in.

There’s also the issue of my car. *sigh* Yup. So the key is still randomly sticking and refusing to come out of the ignition from time to time. Yes, I wiggled the steering wheel. Yes, I pushed in before turning key. Yes, it’s in park when I do these things. I’m thinking shifter cable issue. I’m also thinking that is going to have to wait until after Christmas – which … is only a week away!!!!

I went rogue on one of Nic’s gifts – it was no where on any of his wish lists. I obviously can’t share what it is, but I’m SO hoping he likes it.

I can’t wait to see his face on Christmas morning. That’s my favorite part. Seeing him open his gifts.

I’m also thinking this weekend, after I finish up my shopping and settle down for a long Winters wrap – I’ll be indulging in some Nog.

I have the spirit! It has me! Now if I just had some Havarti and hummus, I’d have a sandwich.

Alarming leg cramps, Ibex & Soothing Food

I was extremely tired this morning, I wanted to hit my snooze button.

6 am, my alarm clock began bleating out it’s annoying sound that is set to progressively get louder. I did a half roll and WHAM! Cramp in my calf.

morning leg cramp

So not only did I not get 10 minutes more sleep, my arse was out of the bed in record time … standing down hard flat-footed for some cramp relief.

Talk about a rude awakening.


I saw something that calmed me down after heating up a cup of coffee.  LOOK at these things!  LOOK at them!!!

alpine ibex climb

Those are Alpine Ibex and they’re licking the salt off the mountainside!!  How the hell did they get up there you ask?  I’m sure you know how to work YouTube.

alpine ibex smattering

Imagine seeing that one. LOL!  “Henry!!  There’s Ibex on the wall again!”  Henry’s response: “Dam”.

Anyway, so I’m giggling and sharing and making the comment that if coffee or cake deposits were on the mountainside, I might do that climb.

(Of course, we know I’d definitely NOT do that climb, not for love nor money.)

But the thought of coffee and cake now has me in food mode.

I decided to self sooth after my traumatic leg cramp and did something I haven’t done in years. (Ok, this also has a lot to do with the fact that I still haven’t gone grocery shopping.) I drove thru McDonald’s for breakfast on the way to work!

Did you know they have egg white mcmuffins now? Probably not that much healthier considering it came with the usual hash browns. No hash whites accompany them that’s for sure.

So that was breakfast … then I discovered this AMAZING lunch item (also due to the fact that I have not yet been grocery shopping.)

My original mission was: Fetch wrapping paper, grab a food item, return to work.

I entered Wal-Mart through the garden section and picked out my paper – along with some adorable bows and was sauntering down the gift tag aisle when I noticed the line.  Oh hell no.  Put bows back – left with nothing.  Time to grab food and get back.

Only restaurant with a drive through was Wienerschnitzel.

I’m not a big fan – but figured since I’d already blown eating healthy today, might as well sooth (not sure what I was soothing at this point) with a burger and fries.

There was this thing of beauty on the menu that I had never heard of before.


It is called: The Jalapeno Poppers Chili Burger!

I don’t do ‘wet’ bread – so I asked them to make it minus the chili …

When I got back to the office with my little delicious smelling paper bag of gluttony … I prepared.  Napkin.  Plate.

I could never have prepared for that first bite.  Mother of GAWD!!!!!!  The popper burst and released its cheesy innards – while the crunch of the pepper balanced out the bun and the meat …

It was probably the most delightful burger bite I’ve ever had.

And if it were on a steep mountain, I might actually pull an Ibex move on it.



Musings from the laundromat – for ‘realsies’ this time

It was driving me bonkers that my laundry day was being delayed.  I dug through my purse, broke open my gumball machine and sheepishly traded in some quarters and dimes at the laundromat counter.

“We like change …” she said.

She’s sweet like that.  Took herself away from her ironing to accommodate my change.

So now I’m back on track – albeit, a little later than normal.

First thing I noticed was the lack of carts.


Seriously, where did they go??  On a group mission to search for missing socks?  I don’t know.  There are usually 4 carts to a table.

There’s a different clientele in here too.

I don’t know these people.  And while I’m glad I don’t have to do laundry after work tomorrow, I’m feeling incredibly out of my element with this new crowd.

SUCH a  creature of habit am I.


“We like change …”  I remind myself.

Because you  know as soon as she said that, and even while I was making little quarter and dime piles, I was off on a tangent in my head about that sentence.

I’m not big on change.

I’m like a wary woodland creature.


I can be coaxed into a different environment by a treat holding hand with accompanying coos of  “c’mon, little fella, it’s ok … I won’t hurt you”.  But all the while I’m peering around and ready to scamper off back to the comfort of what I know.

I’m reminded of this right now …


Only I would see the box.  Yes I would.  I may be easily led, but not captured.

Unless it’s by my own damn rituals – like having to do laundry on a Sunday.

I’m still concerned about the carts by the way … they haven’t made it back and I worry about them.  Perhaps I need to put  down a trail of cart treats and coax them back?

What the heck do carts like?

Little droplets of WD40 for their wheels perhaps?

I’ll stick with my original thought that they’re on that sock finding mission.


Good luck on your valiant quest you brave, brave carts!





Musings from the couch – not the laundromat

Grackles were clicking on my roof again.  I contemplated grabbing my good camera and balancing myself somehow on  something and capturing what was sure to be a future National Geographic shot – but I know me.  And I know my balance, or lack thereof.

I did brave the great height of my patio wicker chair and lifted my ipad above my head only to succeed in startling the clacking grackle and getting this not National Geographic worthy shot of the roof.


Turns out it was only one grackle – here he is on the telephone pole after he  left the photo op.


Clearly he has  balance and no fear of heights.  Little show off.

If I hear a toe (are they toes?) … if I hear a talon/claw/avian phalange back on the roof, I’ll try again.

So I’m not at the laundromat.


Because I opened my pretty wallet and it is empty.

It is very  pretty though.  I get compliments all the time.  What a shallow wallet it is.  All beauty on the outside and no substance on the inside.

That’s ok, we can have a new experience and muse from the laundromat on a Monday night.  That should be exciting!  Who knows what goes on in there on a Monday night!?  We don’t!  But we will!

Butters is feeling better – thank goodness.  And I’m on a mission to find my ‘happy’.  It fell off.  Then my blog turned to crap.

But after my early morning wicker chair stunt, I’m feeling capable of anything.  I WILL find my happy and hit my stride again.



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